TASK:Your job is to create a wiki on a unique subtopic within our larger Civil War unit. Depending on the topic, your design and requirements will vary. Here are some guidelines & requirements for all wikis. Our class wiki url is located at

  • To have the wiki be titled with your topic name and at least 6 sub-categories clearly labeled.

  • To have a table of contents that clearly identifies all 6 (or more) sub-categories.

  • To have some images and can have up to a maximum of five (5) images. Make sure these images add to the wiki content and are small in size but high in resolution. All pictures must be captioned.

  • To have at least one graphic visual other than a picture. This visual must be self created. This is the most creative and personal addition you will make to your wikispace. Use this LINK for some cool ideas on what to do with this part of the project. Ideas include:
    1. Detailed drawing of an aspect of your topic
    2. Detailed map either hand drawn or created using Google Maps
    3. Detailed chart of statistics using Excel
    4. Detailed video - recreating something related to your topic
    5. Detailed chart or timeline of your topic
    6. Think of your own even more unique approach to this part of the project...
    7. Examples of student self created visuals from previous years are at the bottom of this page

  • To have at least one other media componentto your wiki. Examples include:
    1. an audio attachment
    2. youtube video
    3. hyperlinks to an external site
    4. hyperlinks to pages within our wiki, etc.

  • To have a highly organized and creatively designed page. You should use a format and layout similar to that of a Wikipedia page.

  • To cover the topic including significant information about its historical aspects. As you begin your research, you must meet with your teacher for a short conference to discuss content and design.

  • To add in information that you consider unique – something that goes above and beyond what would normally be found.

  • To complete an MLA formatted bibliography with at least three different sources. At least one of those sources must be a primary source. The bibliography should appear at the bottom of your wiki. Research notes must be attached (word doc) or hyperlinked to (google doc) at the end of the bibliography.

  • Finally, when our research work is complete (there will be a due date), you will be required to put into the discussion section of your wiki several ways/ideas for another person to research and then to add that content to your wiki (see below).

  • For the second part of the project, you are required to add content to at least two (2) other wikis within the class. You must look through the discussion section of other pages to find out what could be added. Our class goal is that everyone’s page has at least two collaborators, the primary and at least one secondary. Everyone’s final wiki should be the product of more than one person.

When the wiki is completed you will be presenting it (the topic) to the rest of the class, so be sure that you are familiar with your topic and all aspects of your wiki.